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Discover how USBSwiper can simplify your payment processing with our all-in-one solution.  From Virtual Terminal to Point of Sale and Invoicing, we offer competitive flat rates starting at 2.29%, no monthly fees, and unparalleled ease of use.

Cheaper than Stripe, QuickBooks, and others.

Our Key Features

USBSwiper PayPal Zettle Virtual Terminal

User Friendly Interface

Virtual Terminal - 2.69% + 49¢

Accept payments over the phone or in person by entering the card details directly into a payment form.

Point of Sale - 2.29% + 9¢

Fast and secure in-store transactions with chip and tap buyer-facing terminal.

Invoicing Solutions - 2.69% + 49¢*

Send invoices and get paid online via credit/debit card, PayPal, Venmo, and more.

* Note:  PayPal and Venmo payment rate is 3.59% + 49¢.

Competitive Flat Rates - No Monthly Fees!

Enjoy transparent and affordable pricing with our competitive flat rates, helping you save on every transaction.

The flat rates displayed above are for all credit cards including American Express and are for U.S.-based accounts.

Questions about rates in other countries?  Contact Us.

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Credit Card Transaction Fees Calculator

Use our credit card transaction fees competitor comparison calculator to see exactly how you can save money with our platform.

You can enter your own specific transaction volume details, and our calculator returns the results based on actual rates and fees from ourselves vs. our top competitors.

See for yourself how much you can save when processing payments with USBSwiper!

Credit Card Transaction Fees Calculator

How it Works

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Begin processing payments within minutes of getting signed up and connected!

Award Winning Payment Solutions Since 2007

  • PayPal Star Developer Award for Service to the Community.
  • PayPal Star Developer Award for Most Innovative Application.
  • PayPal Star Developer Award for Service to the Community.

What Our Customers Say

The Point of Sale system from USBSwiper is a game-changer. It’s so easy to use, and the customer support is fantastic. Highly recommend!

I get a lot of phone orders and I like that I can choose between Invoicing or Virtual Terminal to process payments, and it’s cheaper than when I did it with QuickBooks!

My customers love the tap reader so they can use their phone to pay.  I love that the system works on all my devices, and the savings on fees!

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