Simply a Better Virtual Terminal

What you need and nothing more.  No monthly fees.  Cheaper processing rates.
What more could you ask for?

Process Credit Cards With Ease

User our Virtual Terminal to process phone or in-person orders.

Features and Functionality

Currently supports keyed transactions with receipt printing, USB card readers, barcode scanning, and more coming soon!

Save Money!

Eliminates monthly fees and provides lower processing rates than a standard Virtual Terminal.

Get Started Immediately

Quick and easy setup / login with your PayPal account.  Just connect your account and start processing cards instantly!

Managing Your Payments Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Review your transaction history at any time to see details about the order, capture pending authorizations, process refunds, and more!

USBSwiper Virtual Terminal History

"I saved $2,000.00 the first year using the USBSwiper Virtual Terminal. Thanks!"

– Alicia Carrol – General Manager, EdgeWater Hair

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