Step 1 – Click the Launch Virtual Terminal Button

Step 2 – Log In / Create Account

  • From the login screen we suggest that you use one of the social options to login/create an account seamlessly with USBSwiper.
  • Alternatively, you may log in with your USBSwiper account directly, or use the Register link if you need to create one.
USBSwiper PayPal Virtual Terminal Login

Step 3 – Connect to PayPal

  • Click the Connect to PayPal button
  • Follow the steps to configure your PayPal account and give USBSwiper access to process payments on your behalf.
  • NOTE: This is a one-time only step that will not need to be repeated after it is initially set up.
USBSwiper Virtual Terminal Connect to PayPal Button
USBSwiper Virtual Terminal PayPal Onboarding Flow

Step 4 – Process Credit Cards and Save on Fees!

  • After connecting PayPal you will be returned to the Virtual Terminal page.
  • You are now ready to process credit cards at the USBSwiper reduced Virtual Terminal rate!
  • Each time you log in after this initial setup you will be taken directly to the Virtual Terminal.
USBSwiper PayPal Virtual Terminal

Need More Help?

If you have any troubles or have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to help!