HandBid is one of the leading auction platforms letting nonprofits run auctions for various fundraising campaigns. Naturally, one of the key elements of running a successful campaign – and raising as much money as possible – is by having a viable way for guests to successfully bid. 

Plenty of things need to be considered here; you need a platform that’s both secure and reliable, meaning guests can register their details and have money taken out if they win the bidding war. As such, credit card readers are seen as the best approach. However, traditional credit card readers aren’t that useful at an auction. It would mean that the winning bidder would have to come up at the end, put their card in, and pay. It slows things down, so what’s the alternative?

Well, what if you could connect a device that lets people swipe their credit card directly to your computer? Here’s the good news: you can! With a USB credit card reader, you have a way of processing payments as swiftly and securely as possible. 

What is a USB credit card reader & how does it work with HandBid?

In short, a USB credit card reader is a device that can be hooked up to a laptop or desktop PC via a USB port. From here, the device connects to the HandBid software and can be used when guests check-in or check out. On the HandBid platform, you will have a guest check-in page that contains all the information on a guest that’s signed up for the auction. This includes their name, email, what table they’re at, their paddle number, and so on. It can also include their credit card details, so you have a way of charging them for any winning bids. 

With a USB credit card reader, they can scan their card and see the information instantly be put on their profile. In a few seconds, their name, card type, card number, and expiry information will all be filled in. All that’s left is their CVC, which can be filled in manually should they need to pay for anything. 

It’s such a small and simple device, yet it streamlines the checking in and out process. No longer will you need to wait for everyone to put their card details in individually, leading to long lines and keeping people unhappy. Instead, you have a more convenient and secure method of accepting payments and getting payment information. 

How does the technology work?

The technology behind credit card readers like this is very simple. It all revolves around the mag stripe on the card. Effectively, this stripe contains all of the information mentioned above, which is why it’s possible to pay for things by swiping your credit card in shops. The USB reader will have a scanner that reads this stripe and processes the information to the HandBid platform. It’s very straightforward and happens in an instant. 

The key is ensuring cards are swiped at the right speed. If they are swiped too fast or slow, the mag stripe won’t be read correctly. There’s a knack to it, but a bit of trial and error will help you find the right speed to get a good reading every single time. 

Where can you buy a USB credit card reader that works with HandBid Auctions?

USB credit card processing readers aren’t hard to come by, but you have to be sure the one you buy works on the HandBid Auction platform. Thankfully, you can purchase one from USBSwiper directly via their website. It typically retails for around $69.97, though there is currently a deal running where you can get your readers for only $23.95. There is also a Heavy Duty Card Reader available for high volume users which currently sells for $29.95. All USBSwiper card readers are thoroughly tested and proven to work with HandBid, making your fundraising goals much easier to achieve. (p.s. you do not need USBSwiper Virtual Terminal or any other product to use these card readers with HandBid)

The good news is the card readers from USBSwiper also work with both MAC and Windows computers, regardless of the age or model. As long as there’s a USB port, they will work perfectly for you. Additionally, they work on Microsoft Surface Tablets with Full Windows Operating Systems, and on Chromebooks. 

It’s a completely plug-and-play model as well, meaning there’s no need to download any additional software. As long as you have HandBid installed, you just connect your USBSwiper credit card reader and it works right away!

All in all, credit card processing is made easier with HandBid software and a USB credit card reader. Streamline your checking-in process, allowing you to maximize your fundraising goals at the next auction.